About the artist

I live and work in Yorkshire and have drawn and painted from being a child. I have studied watercolour and oil painting and life drawing locally and I am currently working towards an art degree with the Open College of Art.

I take inspiration from light, landscape and natures colours and patterns. I don’t strive to make an exact copy of what I see, I try to create the emotion. I prefer using bright colours and I often paint with palate knives or large brushes - alla prima - often mixing the colours on the canvas which allows for a certain amount of spontaneity. I am developing and learning constantly pushing myself to try new ideas.

I have travelled extensively which has influenced me hugely. Places like New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands, USA, Asia, mainland Europe and the UK - Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and Western Scotland and the Hebridean Islands have all left me wanting to paint and with the use of sketches, photographs and memories I hope to create pictures that please others as much as they please me.